Arts and Electives

Visual Arts: Nicole

I am so excited to teach our Middle School students art this year! We began the year using a wood burning tool to create name tags for our lockers. We are still working so hard on them, and hope to be finished soon. We also started working on practicing mixing colors with paint for our color wheels. We are learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colors and how to mix shades, tones and tints. The students can not wait to put their color mixing skills to work! 


This month in advisory we have focused on the idea of kindness. We have looked at kindnesses that we can perform for each other, kindnesses we have witnessed around us and large acts of kindness we can perform for our community. We worked together to create a word poem with the letters of HEART. Students worked together in small groups to visualize what makes a successful, happy community and what we would like our school to look like. Our school year calendar is also filling up with large community focused projects, such as coat drives and food drives that will benefit our local community organizations. 

Music and Drama: Randal

I'm excited to have joined the staff at the Renaissance and Endeavour schools and to be finishing up my second week here.  The welcome from the community has been exceptionally warm, kind, and engaged.  Please feel free to continue to reach out as we progress with music and drama this year.  In music these last two weeks, I've been focusing on building skills leading up to the learning of songs, instruments and performance.  We've been making percussion with our bodies, learning the foundation of the Western tonal system through solfege and through the written formation of musical scales.  In drama, we've focused on building the skills of clear actions, personality traits and problem solving to begin to create characters and basic narratives on our multi-purpose room stage.  I've been inspired by the interest, engagement and motivated energy of the students and look forward to building creative works with them this year.

PE: Henry

One of the activities that the students really enjoyed was our exploration of the Olympics through the addition of team sports. Students were given the opportunity to work together in competitive activities, such as frisbee throw, baskets scored per team in basketball, and a relay race. Students also showed great kindness and sportsmanship this week through encouraging others, cheering for teammates and congratulating opponents. 

Electives & Community Outreach: All Faculty

Students have continued our Community Outreach partnership with Wake Robin this year, and, besides a fond reunion, they have been busy planning events and learning about one another.  Last Friday, students sang songs, along with faculty members, and the residents were thrilled.  Electives will get started second semester; in the meanwhile, students have spent time at Shelburne Farms learning about the Dairy Barn operation and helping with calf chores, creating and designing an organic Endeavour lip balm, and beginning the design process for an outdoor classroom. We’re looking forward to an abundance of opportunities to engage with our community and explore co-curricular topics together.