Language Arts: John

The Language Arts students began the year by learning about the role of conflict and omniscient narrator in literature. The class read the short story The Interlopers as a group, identifying various examples of internal and external conflict as they progressed through the text. The lesson culminated in each student outlining a draft for his or her own short story that demonstrated understanding of internal conflict, external conflict and omniscient narrator. These stories will be typed and revised as the first formal writing assignment of the year. Additionally, most of the homework assignments have been informal written responses to course content. The students are also completing daily grammar and spelling lessons in order to practice and enhance their understanding of the English language. 

History: John

Humanities I class focussed on the differences between primary and secondary sources before studying civilization in Ancient Egypt. The students got their hands dirty early on by creating a model of the Nile River using sand, potting soil, aluminum foil and grass seed. This model accurately demonstrates the importance of the Nile in the everyday lives of both ancient and modern Egyptians. Each student also designed and presented a slideshow that focused on an Egyptian god or goddess of his or her choosing.  Students complete daily spelling and grammar activities at the beginning of each class, and homework assignments have primarily been written responses designed to reinforce course content. 

Global Studies in the Middle Ages: John

Students were introduced to a general overview of early Roman history during the first few weeks of school. Our class learned about the founding of Rome by consulting multiple sources regarding the story of Romulus and Remus. One week was devoted to reading and performing a brief eight-act play surrounding the antics of these two famous brothers, and the students did a wonderful job getting into character and acting. Recent classes have focused on map skills, the impact of the Etruscans in early Rome and the structure of government in the early Roman Republic. The coming month will be devoted to learning about the Roman legal system, and each student will assume the role of senator. 

Modern American History: John

The primary focus of Modern American History class has been on current events and the presidential election. We started the year by studying the electoral college. After studying recent polls and news articles we then predicted which direction each state would go on election day and will check our results the electoral map once the dust settles. Each class begins with an update on the presidential election, although the primary focus of the past week has been the controversial pipeline project near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. After learning about both perspectives we weighed the pros and cons of the pipeline before choosing a side and writing a persuasive essay. 

Young Writers Project: Cara

This past month, our stand alone Young Writers Project class focused on setting up accounts, navigating prompts, and discussing the five steps of the process of writing.  We delved right into writing, and students have already begun poems and stories in response to the weekly challenges.  We’re looking forward to submitting our pieces and perhaps seeing a few published!  Stay tuned for poems and excerpts to appear in our monthly newsletter as well!