Math Highlights

General Math 6: Jen

We have begun the year exploring ratios and how they can be used to compare small quantities, as well as very large quantities. Students have applied their previous knowledge of fractions, and also new knowledge from our lessons to explore real-world problems. I am looking forward to continuing to see our students learn and grow through problem solving challenges in mathematics. The ah-ha moments are coming faster and faster as we move through the material and I have seen amazing growth from each student’s confidence and efficiency with the problems. 

Pre-Algebra: Ryan

Students have been reviewing what they know and sorting out techniques on how to divide fractions and when to line up the decimal point in addition and multiplication problems. The bigger question/concept of course is WHY do we line up the decimal point and how can we quickly double check our answer to see if it’s within reason. Students are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes in class. All students solve math problems on the dry erase board at the front of the room daily. We work through misconceptions and mistakes together as a class and point out that all of us are here to learn, which cannot happen without trying, failing, and trying again. All students have been supportive and caring toward their peers. We’re also exploring short-cuts (when to use them and when not to) in math problems that can save time. Math is all about patterns and becoming comfortable inside the relationships that patterns represent. Lastly, we’re having fun as a class and routinely play games to cement learning while enjoying our community energy!

Algebra: Jen

The month of September has primarily been a review of pre-algebra concepts and a chance for me to get a feel for our pace as things move forward. We have covered working with numbers and properties of numbers and operations to refresh our understanding of the mathematical rules for working within the confines of numbers. In the upcoming month, the curriculum will dive into traditionally algebraic concepts such as linear equations, inequalities and graphing. Each student is showing a great deal of confidence with the material so far and we have learned to say “I am starting to get this,” “I get this” or “I need help with this” and we have learned that “This is easy” is a phrase that downplays the process of our learning in Algebra.