with Jen and Ryan:

STEAM has gotten off to a running start. Students have experienced the fundamentals of tower building, through the use of multiple materials such as spaghetti and marshmallows, paper and tape, pipe cleaners, and cards. In addition to learning to build towers, students have analyzed what makes an effective tower and why some towers can be extremely tall and stable, while others simply fall. Furthermore, and most importantly, students have begun to develop the skills necessary in STEAM of designing, building, analyzing and reflecting. These are important to all scientists and engineers. The planning and reflecting processes are equally important to the building process. Without a solid plan, the build may be worthless, and without analyzing and reflecting on the outcome, improvements may never be made. Looking forward we are excited to continue with some really great ideas in STEAM and continue bringing these concepts to the students. If possible, we are looking for some items: 2L soda bottles, chicken wire, and twine for a project in the spring. We need a significant number of bottles, so donations are always welcome.