World Languages

French: Caroline 


We started the school year practicing greeting each other at the beginning of each class, to help the students get comfortable speaking French again after the summer.  In the process of reviewing vocabulary, we quickly covered numbers, the calendar and telling time, allowing me to get to know everyone.

French 1A is finishing chapter 1, and is able to describe physical and character traits of their friends and family members.
French 1B is finishing chapter 7, and can describe clothing in great detail. We are having fun practicing writing and grammar while translating a "Pete the Cat" picture book. We also started reading the short novel "Un été pas comme les autres" and are studying the second chapter.

Both classes will be travelling around the globe throughout the school year to discover the francophone countries on each continent. We are currently in Europe.
 A bientôt,

Spanish: Marcela

Students are off to a great start in Spanish. It’s very exciting to see them getting more comfortable with the language and speaking in front of their peers. We finished our unit on Numbers, Greetings, Formalities, Classroom Vocabulary and Calendar. Students got to perform multiple skits given specific situations, like “In a taxi, on the way to your house” or “In a spanish school, meeting new friends”. We will continue to revisit some of these common questions and phrases throughout the year. They were very excited to play the game “matemáticas en español” (mathematics in spanish), as we moved into higher numbers. We’re also beginning to establish a classroom routine, where students have specific jobs in the classroom at the beginning of class. So far, we’ve introduced “El reportero” (the reporter) and “El geográfo” (the geographer) of the day. ¡Buen trabajo clase! (Good work class!)