Humanities Overview

Language Arts: John

The Language Arts students have been hard at work for the past few weeks as they have been focused on writing creative fictional pieces. The students revisited their writing again and again as they added details, dialogue, action verbs, conflicts, similes, and metaphors. During the writing process, the students completed a variety of activities in class and for homework that were designed to help them understand each one of these aspects of creative writing. Identifying creative elements and figurative language in writing was emphasized as the students exchanged stories and completed thorough peer reviews.


Humanities I: John

The Humanities I students finished their unit on Ancient Egypt with aplomb. Our primary focus on recent weeks has been on Ancient Egyptian society. The students have studied class structure, housing, tombs, and government of Ancient Egypt. Each student also designed and presented a slideshow that focused on an Egyptian pharaoh or queen of his or her choosing. Students continue to complete daily spelling and grammar activities at the beginning of each class with brief assessments at the end of each week. Spelling lessons have focused on words with ie and ei; words ending in -ation and -ion; and words with silent letters. Grammar lessons have focused primarily on nouns, including common and proper nouns; regular and irregular plural nouns; and personal pronouns. Additionally, each student has completed a book report for the First Quarter.

Global Studies in the Middle Ages: John

Students in Global Studies in the Middle Ages recently assumed the role of Roman Senators tasked with solving the many problems of the early Roman Republic. They broke into groups to discuss various issues and create prospective laws before coming together in the “Roman Forum” to vote on these laws. The ensuing discussions and debates were very productive, and many of the topics had direct connections to our modern world. Students then compared and contrasted the governments of the modern day United States and the Roman Republic before demonstrating their mastery on a quiz. The coming weeks will focus on everyday life in Rome and the transition from republic to empire.

Modern American History: John

With the 2016 presidential election, Modern American History has focused on the Electoral College and the American political system. We have reviewed the electoral maps from the last thirty years to identify voting trends and political bastions within the United States. National polls are consulted on a daily basis as we monitor the likelihood of each respective candidate becoming President. This unit culminated in a presentation of the American Electoral College to the rest of the school just before Election Day. In addition, we have instituted a weekly notebook check and a daily homework planner check in order to encourage positive organization techniques.

Young Writers Project: Cara

Endeavour students are creative! Students in each grade continued to craft stories and poetry, playing with conventions and adding sensory detail and dialogue to bring their stories to life. Dovetailing with lessons from John’s Language Arts classes, students worked on properly punctuating dialogue and adding speech tags. At the end of the month, we transitioned to a focus on poetry. Expect to see students’ work published soon!