STEAM: Jen and Ryan

STEAM A with Ryan has been packed full of clarity and confusion, frustration and success. We celebrated progress on the robotic hand/arm project and then jumped into our egg chairlift mission where the goal was to transport an egg by cable car up two vertical meters. While this mission hasn’t exactly been achieved, I’m proud of the fortitude and problem solving that’s being practiced in STEAM. Students are learning how to explore an idea and then either tweak it or trash it altogether and start over. Learning how to let go of something you’ve been working on to embrace a superior solution is a valuable lesson. I’m enjoying listening to the ideas students are coming up with, and it’s fun to challenge some of their assumptions. Parents are invited to join us, participate even, in STEAM A; we meet Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-9:40am!

STEAM B with Jen this month has been working on designing, testing, redesigning and reflecting on individual projects. We have created wind-powered boats that must use balloons to create power, no outside source is available. Once completed, students engaged in active feedback and reflection. We discussed what worked and didn’t, where we encountered setbacks and successes and then each student gave feedback to builders on what they noticed and asked questions to guide thinking. From that, we are planning to create one final boat project, where all students bring their successes and challenges to the table to create one final piece that meets the criteria, is aesthetically pleasing and is the result of group collaboration.