World Languages, Arts, and Electives

French and Spanish: Caroline and Marcela

We have finished our review of the basic vocabulary and classroom instructions, and are moving ahead with new material. Every unit covered includes the study of grammatical concepts, verb conjugation, and the expansion of the students’ vocabulary. In both French and Spanish classes, besides daily writing exercises, the focus remains on helping the students become confident speakers regardless of their level of fluency.

New this November:
We have set up our online groups in the DuoLingo application and the Endeavour students will be able to practice French or Spanish on the computer in and out of the classroom.

Art: Nicole

The Endeavour Art classes continued to study color after painting our color wheels in the month of October. We played with paint swatches and learned that color changes when it is in a different context. We learned about the artist Lea Anderson and created work based on her ideas of the elements of art, Unity and Variety. While using analogous color, organic shapes, and patterns, we created a collaborative installation inspired by Lea Anderson. The next project we are working on is art for the Coffee House on November 17th. We would love it if any parents could donate some 8 x 10” frames for our art!


This month in advisory we have focused on the trait perseverance. Students have worked on setting goals, determined how much “grit” they have when dealing with problem solving and challenges (Angela Duckworth grit test). We have discussed how we can look at failure as a potential for growth rather than the end of the world; we watched a great Ted talk to this end. Students and teachers shared experiences with failure and how we have learned from that experience. We have also discussed how to take steps to reach our goals and determined that it takes just one step to start and it progresses one step at a time. Our friends, the Feikens, visited on a break from their cross country bike tour, and we learned first hand that it takes perseverance to meet our goals!

Music and Drama: Randal

In music class this month, we worked on generating rhythms from pulses that students started on percussion instruments like Djembes, snare pads, and bass drums. We worked on establishing bass beats, back beats and cymbal beats and looked at and used rhythmic notation. Students have now progressed to working on harmonic instruments - piano, guitar, ukulele and mallet percussion - and many of them are planning on helping with the set-up and performances at our Coffee House on November 17th!

PE: Henry

This past month we played the HRE Soccer Jamboree with 4 teams, in a double elimination tournament. The action was fast and evenly competitive! Students continued working on skills, sportsmanship, and collaborative play.