Endeavour Students Visit UVM's Living Machine

Matt Beam, a Research Specialist at the Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, spent time with Endeavour Middle School students this week, explaining how the Living Machine he built for his master's thesis works, and why he thinks that waste water can be a resource rather than an expensive nuisance for communities.  On top of treating the Aiken Center’s black waters, Matt explains, “the purpose of the EcoMachine is to inspire and nurture a worldview that works with — and not against — nature, to provide reliable treatment of the Aiken building’s wastewater, and to serve as a research and learning tool.” Our students were intrigued by the process of treatment by plants and re-oxygenation.  Other student take-aways included wonder at the number of microbial organisms there are in a handful of soil and in our bodies, the potability of rain water, and the benefits of working with nature and not against it.  We hope to invite Matt to Endeavour Middle School soon to show him our science lab and maybe conduct a few experiments!