Language Arts: John

Language Arts students have been hard at work completing their unit on narrative poetry. This unit began at the end of October with Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and has culminated in the students composing their own narrative poems. The students have read a number of poems by authors such as Shel Silverstein and Edgar Lee Masters and identified narrative elements within each one. Quarterly book reports have recently been submitted, and students will take turns presenting their work in the coming days. 


Humanities I: John

The first few weeks of the second quarter have focused on events surrounding the recent elections, and the students are putting the finishing touches on their persuasive essays about the electoral college. Simultaneously, daily grammar lessons have focused on regular, irregular, helping, linking and action verbs. The students have been demonstrating their mastery of these lessons as well as their spelling lessons through end-of-week assessments. Quarterly book reports have recently been submitted, and students will take turns presenting their work in the coming days. 

Global Studies in the Middle Ages: John

The primary focus in Global Studies in the Middle Ages has been on everyday life in the Roman Republic, including education, housing, health, infrastructure, clothing and food. Each student was randomly assigned to one of these topics with the goal of learning and subsequently teaching what he or she learned to his or her peers. The students are currently in the process of studying the Punic Wars and the resulting emergence of Rome as a superpower in the ancient world. In the coming weeks, they will be acting as journalists and creating a magazine that discusses various events through the eyes of Romans and Carthaginians who lived during this tumultuous time period. 

Modern American History: John 

The second quarter in Modern American History kicked off by wrapping up the events surrounding the recent elections with a focus on whether or not the electoral college is an effective means of electing a president. Weekly notebook and organizational checks continue to take place each Wednesday. Recent current events have also been emphasized in recent weeks, including the continuing protests at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation as well as the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The latter of these two topics served as our transition to the Spanish-American War and the emergence of the United States as a global superpower. 

Young Writers Project: Cara

Students have spent some time learning about the difference between narrative and lyric poems, free verse and metered verse, and the different styles of poems.  Among other exercises, students in each grade wrote Haikus.  Here are a few Haikus from the Sixth Graders: 

By Caspar 

Cold in the winter
Get frostbite while outside
I want to knit scarves

By Alivia

It is very warm
Fun in the sun crashing waves
I like to chase birds

Food Seasons
By Ethan

Turkey is yummy
Gingerbread coming so soon
I like lots of food

By Isabella

Leaves fall from the sky
Winter comes in a cold breeze
I see the sun now

This month, albeit a short school month, we will be writing memoirs about a holiday tradition.  Look for more pieces soon!