General Math 6: Jen

Students in Grade 6 are finishing up their unit on rates and ratios. We have learned a great deal about how to work with rates and ratios through real world problems. In addition, we have explored the use of percentages as a ratio and begun looking at proportions. A look ahead entails some work with complex operations of division with fractions, as well as multiplication of decimals and whole and mixed numbers. It looks to be an exciting month ahead in math. 

Pre-Algebra: Ryan

Students have been expanding mathematical skills and techniques while continuing to solidify fundamental understanding of fractions, decimals, and equivalencies.  Students have been learning how to visually represent inequalities and are embarking on how to manipulate the left and right side of equations in order to isolate the variable.  We vacillate between playing math games (bingo, scavenger hunts, quack quack) and more rigid classroom exercises like partner classwork and lecture with note taking.  Students are positive, enthusiastic, and committed to understanding where they erred when they arrive at an incorrect answer.  By the end of the second quarter, students will have mastered the distributive, associative, and commutative properties of Pre-Algebra.

Algebra: Jen

In Algebra, students explored how the length of a particular bone in the body can be used to predict the height of a person. We did an analysis of what forensic scientists use as equations and determined that out of the tibia, radius and humerus bones, the radius bone was the most accurate in predicting an adult’s height. Very interesting. We have recently embarked on an adventure into inequalities (graphing, solving and exploring their meanings). We will conclude this unit right before the break.