Students have been finding the architect inside themselves with the recent Model Treehouse project.  We spent several class periods in the forest, looking for trees that were clustered, growing in close proximity to other trees, that would suit our model treehouse project.  Students chose the tree / branch they wanted and cut it down with saws and loppers.  We then set to the task of mounting branches on bases so they wouldn’t tip over.  After that, students were challenged to use materials commonly found throughout the classroom (cardboard, hot glue, string, rope, corks, and other re-purposed knick knacks) to create a design they drew on paper.  All treehouses were required to have windows, a roof for snow and rain protection, and a way up.  In the final two or three class periods devoted to this project, I was really impressed with the way students dove in, problem solved, and truly enjoyed themselves while they enhanced their awesome designs.  Please check them out when you have a few extra minutes and feel free to pass on some feedback to the designers/builders!  Treehouses are located by the front entrance to the school.


In STEAM B, students are working collaboratively as engineers and designers in a shoe company to create a shoe that meets specific criteria. The criteria is that it must be worn by one student, therefore specific measurements were taken, it must have a 1.5 inch heel, it must be aesthetically interesting and can only use the materials provided in class. It has proven to be a challenge for students who prefer working alone, as there is a requirement to collaborate which is a valuable 21st Century skill. I am excited for the finished product.