Vermont State History Fair

On Saturday, April 2, fifteen students from Endeavour traveled to Union 32 High School in Montpelier to participate in the Vermont State History Fair.  The students had been preparing for two  months in anticipation of the competition which attracted 220 students from across Vermont. 

As part of National History Day, Vermont’s State History Fair is an annual event that promotes student involvement in research on historical topics that relate to the year’s stated theme.  The theme of this year’s competition was Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.  Student work was evaluated by a team of judges on several factors including written content, interpretive and analytical review and conclusions drawn. Each participant was invited to use primary and secondary sources as part of their project and to incorporate historical perspective into their presentation.  

Jackson Neme and Oliver Halberg, both of Shelburne, received a first place designation for their creation of a group website. The two boys designed a website entitled The Voyager Program: exploring space, encountering wonders. 

The Women Air Force Service Pilots who served in World War II were of interest to Emily Foster of Underhill.  She created a website that focused on the first women in history who were trained to fly military aircraft and it earned her a second place ribbon.

Hannah Frasure of Shelburne placed third in the writing competition. Her paper on The Jonestown Massacre: An Analysis of an Infamous Cult focused on the Peoples Temple and the Reverend Jim Jones who resided in Guyana nearly forty years ago.  The students who placed first and second qualified for National History Day in Washington DC which will be held later this year.