Gray Wins the Stock Market Game

Article from South Burlington's Other Paper

Sixth grader Walker Gray won top prize in her school's elementary division of the Vermont state competition Stock Market Game. Led by Dr. Art Woolf, an Associate Professor of Economics a the University of Vermont, and sponsored by the Vermont Council on Economic Education, the game is played online by students all across the United States including approximately 3,000 students from 62 Vermont schools. The purpose of the Stock Market Game is to introduce elementary, middle, and high school students to economics, investing, and personal finance. 

Gray, a resident of South Burlington and student at the Endeavour Middle School in Shelburne, also finished third in the entire state, behind two high school teams. Joining her in the win was fellow classmate Sabina Nagiba of Colchester. The two six graders were given $100,000 in play money to invest. They ended the game with almost $12,000 profit on their initial investment. In recognition of their top honor, Dr. Woolf presented both girls with certificates.