LA: John

Students in Language Arts spent the semester studying and writing narrative poetry. We read a number of works by a variety of authors including Poe, Silverstein, Masters, and Robinson. Students completed plot diagrams to outline their ideas before writing, revising, and publishing their poems. Our unit culminated in the students presenting their poetry to their peers. In addition to poetry, grammar and spelling lessons took place on a weekly basis.


Humanities I: John

The Humanities I students spent the month of December learning about the history and design of motte and bailey castles. Beginning with the Norman invasion of England in 1066, we learned about why William the Conqueror needed to build so many castles across the English countryside. Students learned about the function of each section of the castle and weighed the pros and the cons of building wooden castles instead of stone castles. Our final project for this unit was using popsicle sticks to construct a model of a motte and bailey castle complete with a drawbridge, palisades, bridge, moat, and keep. Grammar and spelling lessons continued on a weekly basis.

Global Studies in the Middle Ages: John

The second quarter in Global Studies in the Middle Ages focused primarily on life in the Roman Republic and the transition from republic to empire. Students investigated the role of the Punic Wars in establishing Rome as a major power in the Mediterranean. Our unit on the Punic Wars culminated in the creation of a magazine in which students wrote articles and conducted fictional interviews to demonstrate their understanding. 

Modern American History: John

Students in Modern American History spent the month of December studying the events surrounding the Spanish-American War, including yellow journalism, the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine, and the rise of the United States as a world power. In order to understand the effects of yellow journalism on the public, students were encouraged to choose a modern topic and write a news article using yellow journalism. Finally, we turned our attention to the building and operation of the Panama Canal.