General Math 6: Jen


Students in General Math had a chance to explore fractional operations from addition, to division through visual and algebraic means. When we first began, students were a little wary, but quickly took to the material. With a great deal of review, we were able to move into the nitty gritty of fraction division as it pertained to the work we had done previously in ratios. Each student excelled at the use of the algorithm as well as creating visual models and explaining their work.

Pre-Algebra: Ryan

Last month, students delved into solving single variable equations and inequalities.  They learned how to isolate the variable by combining like terms and manipulating both sides of the equation.  As a class we discovered a fair amount of test anxiety exists amongst us, so I decided to hold daily quizzes, even short ones, to assuage the fear of being assessed on retained knowledge and technique.  I’m happy to report excellent attitudes in the pre-algebra class and students are getting better at sharing their gaps in understanding so that together we might shed light on misconception and confusion.  We typically play a game through math once a week, such as Bingo, Quack Quack, or campus-wide scavenger hunts.

Algebra: Jen

In Algebra, students had an opportunity to work with inequalities and absolute values at the basic level. It will be something we come back to as algebra progresses. Students learned about graphing on a number line, solving multiple step inequalities and how to work with absolute value and find the multiple answers presented in an equation. Students then worked on an end of unit project analyzing how their own heart rate at rest and during exercise can affect the types of workout programs that are best for them. Each student created a tailored exercise routine to maximize the metabolic units burned in order to stay healthy.