STEAM A (Ryan)

December brought a shift in STEAM A from model tree houses to projects that were confined to single class periods. A couple of projects we undertook were making cars out of plastic straws, rubber bands, and toothpicks and during Experience Endeavor Day, bridge building. Fifth Grade students joined middle school students in friendly competition to create a bridge from plastic straws, newspaper, and scotch tape to span a distance between stacks of textbooks. Each bridge was required to have a smooth deck on which a “matchbox” Lamborghini could travel from one side to the other. After this qualification was tested, STEAM students placed weights on a petri dish placed in the center of their bridge. Students crowded together to view bridges being tested and as the weight increased, excitement built. It was a lively experience to say the least and was a testament to Jen and I that the bridge competition at VTC in April is a must!

STEAM B (Jen) 

Students in STEAM B have been hard at work creating their fashionable, yet functional shoes. Each student created their own drawing(s), critiqued each other, and revised. Later, students paired up to negotiate and work together on a shared design, which was then given feedback and improved. Finally, like in an actual business, the entire group had to come together, to compromise on a design that they agreed on. On the first attempt, the shoe prototype did not survive the test, so it was back to the drawing board. Design Number 1 offered a lot of insight into what does and does not work when creating a model. Design 2 is showing great promise and will hopefully be ready for display the end of the quarter.