General Math 6: Jen

In January, students worked really hard with finishing up operations with fractions, using models, diagrams, and algorithms. It was exciting to watch each student learn and grow through their explorations. We have moved from division of fractions into division of multi-digit whole numbers in preparation for dividing decimals. Solving real-world conceptual problems with decimals has been an interesting journey with interesting problem solving plans.

Pre-Algebra: Ryan

January was a productive month, the primary accomplishment being an understanding of how to combine like terms, isolate the variable, and solve the equation. Students learned about coefficients, how to chart inequalities on number lines, and how to manipulate both sides of an equation. Additionally, we also covered how to calculate and identify mean, mode, and median, and toward the end of the month transitioned to ratios and scale factor through geometry.

We’ve been taking daily quizzes to help diffuse test anxiety and take some fear out of the word “quiz.” Students have been very successful at these quizzes and don’t get frazzled anymore; it’s just what we do now, on a regular basis. Lastly, I’ve consented to overwhelming student interest to play at least one math game per week. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt, Jeopardy, Bingo, or a round of “Blockbusters” (scheduled to make its Endeavour debut in February), everyone enjoyed using their math skills to compete in a safe and fun atmosphere!

Algebra: Jen

In algebra, we had a great experience working with proportions and probability. We explored how to find heights of objects using shadows, how to measure objects using a map key, and finding the probability of simple events, as well as compounded events. Students had the opportunity to also look at how to budget for a desired item and created a plan to achieve the results. We are about to begin working with functions and graphing. This will be a chance for students to look at how an equation becomes a graph, whether linear, quadratic, exponential or absolute value.