We’ve had a fun and explorative month designing and building catapults with popsicle sticks, wire sculptures from copper electrical wire, air pressure powered rockets, structures purposed with hanging mini-marshmallows, and dihedral magnus gliders! There’s a lot of discovery in STEAM and often we don’t know where a project will lead us. Take the magnus gliders for example, at first they received a luke-warm welcome, and after witnessing one student’s interest in particular, we took another glimpse into the dynamics of the physics involved needed to keep a glider aloft. What a fantastic porthole into the subtleties of aerodynamics! 


January saw STEAM finish up the shoe design project. Ethan volunteered to model a pair of lovely 1.5 inch heeled shoes that were designed by the entire group through a lengthy design, redesign process. Students had to learn to collaborate to create a viable product, and give up their emotional attachments to their designs for the greater good of the “company” we created. It was interesting watching students navigate the waters of the interpersonal interactions.