World Languages, Arts, Electives, and Outreach

Life Skills A: John

Lessons in Life Skills focused on personal finance during the month of January. The students completed a number of hands-on activities dealing with financial decisions, paying bills, conversion rates, and career choices. One of the most popular games involved each student choosing a possible career choice before being randomly assigned various bills and financial responsibilities (children, cars, gas mileage, etc.) by rolling dice. Each student then needed to calculate the total cost of their monthly bills to see if they generated enough salary to cover their costs. A constant theme during these lessons was identifying wants versus needs when it comes to making major financial decisions. 

Life Skills B: Ryan

In January, we continued to work on goals / goal-setting, then started discussing career options. Students came up with a lengthy list of careers, narrowed it down to five, picked one from those, and then researched and prepared two minute persuasive speeches in character of a recruiter or parent. Students are doing a great job getting out of their comfort zones and finding the courage to speak in front of their peers. This is a difficult thing for many people, yet public speaking skills offer a tremendous advantage to those who have developed them. For this reason, we often work speeches into lessons, putting the emphasis on the content and downplaying the delivery. That will come later as they get comfortable with the experience.

French: Caroline

We started 2017 with cake!
We shared a Galette des Rois, a traditional French cake eaten throughout the month of January to celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings on Epiphany, January 6th. The lucky one to discover the hidden prize in their slice of Galette is awarded a gold paper crown and declared king for the day!

French 1A is continuing Chapter 4 and learning vocabulary about the house and its different rooms. The grammar lessons cover possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, our, their) and the auxiliary verb AVOIR (to have).

French 1B has just finished Chapter 10 about team sports. We also practiced asking WHO and WHAT questions and using the Passé Composé (past tense) of regular verbs with AVOIR.

We were excited to receive a letter from our French penpal, Mathylde, introducing herself.
Bonne Année 2017!

Spanish: Marcela

Students in spanish finished “La Rutina” project where they had to compare their routine to the routine of a famous person or role model. They created Venn diagrams and presented to the class with a final draft. Students also participated in the “preguntas y respuestas” (questions and answers) section during their peers’ presentations. We also completed our unit in clothing and continued to practice regular verb conjugations with new verbs like “tocar” (to play/to touch) and “llevar puesto” (to wear). We are starting to add more irregular verbs to our vocabulary including “ponerse” (to put on/to wear), “jugar” (to play) and “ir” (to go). We are currently learning about the conjugation of the irregular verb “tener” (to have) and when/how to use it. Looking ahead, students will have the necessary tools to create their own autobiography project that describes their family and house (“mi casa” or room “mi cuarto”), as well as the activities that they do at home.

Art: Nicole

In January, we have been working on our Dream Scene boxes, which are individual process oriented projects about a scene from our dreams. Each student came up with their own way of expressing one scene using clay, paper, wire, and paint. They are still being made and materials are being adapted and revisited as we build.


In advisory, we explored the character trait courage. We watched an interview with Malala, went to the movies to see Hidden Figures, and discussed instances when we had witnessed courage. It was a month rich in inspiring stories and discussion of what courage can mean.

Music and Drama: Randal

January flew by and has been a busy one for performing arts here at Endeavour. We've been studying music theory on keyboards, and we are now applying our knowledge to learn songs that students have shown interest in. "Lean on Me" and the "Axel F." song are a couple of popular examples. Students are enjoying free time to be able to explore on their own with keyboards, and we've begun singing some of the songs we've learned as well. Sixth graders have been continuing to generate their own wonderful, creative scenes in drama class, and I'll be working with John Bushnell to find opportunities for the 7th and 8th graders to put on plays as well. A great start to a wonderful new year! 

Young Writers Project: Cara

We have a wide range of writers at Endeavour; some embrace the challenge and others shy away from committing to topics and exploring new genres. Everyone is on their own journey, and lately we’ve been having some fun exploring collaborative narratives, parodies, and poetry. Since we meet just once a week, progress can seem slow. On other days, funny, supernatural stories seem to come to life in minutes. One thing is for certain, we are all discovering our voices and growing as writers. I look forward to each of these classes each week.