Life Skills

Life Skills A: John
The month of February saw the introduction of the extremely popular Stock Market Game to our Life Skills class. Students created their own teams and team names before researching which companies they would like to invest in. The Stock Market Game, which allots $100,000 for each group to invest, will take place over the course of the next two months. The Endeavour teams are competing with other teams from schools across Vermont with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of their portfolio. While students have the freedom to determine which stocks they choose to invest in, we are simultaneously learning about various facets of the stock market, including terminology and investment strategies.

Life Skills B
Students spent the month of February investing $100,000 worth of hypothetical money in very real, publically traded companies.  We’ve learned about selling short, penny stocks, types of investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), and what type of companies to invest in for volatile activity (this stock market game lasts only a couple of months, not long enough to practice disciplined diversification, and is perfect for taking risks and seeing the effects).  In early March, during Experience Endeavour Day, we played a bean game, which allowed students to take their “income” and spend it where they wish (food, transportation, investment, etc.).  It tied nicely into the Stock Market Game and even the career planning we did back in January!

French: Caroline
The students have completed the final draft of their report on their chosen francophone African country. 

French 1A
We have just finished Chapter 4 on family and house. We had fun playing a variety of games such as the traditional French card games "Les 7 Familles" et "Menteur!" We also redesigned the board game "Clue Jr." to highlight the theme vocabulary for the different rooms of the house and their furniture. And in battleship, instead of boats, we hid the members of the family in different rooms.
Participating in these repetitive speaking activities improves recall, pronunciation, fluency, and allow the students to become more confident speakers.

French 1B
Chapter 11 introduces the students to each season and accompanying weather and sports. We have just finished talking and writing about winter, hockey, skiing and playing in the snow.
This unit continues with the study of the past tense "Passé Composé".
We have covered the Passé Composé  of regular verbs with AVOIR (to have) such as: 
I walk --> I have walked.
And I have now introduced the past participles of the irregular verb groups we studied earlier in the present tense, for example: 
I eat --> I have eaten.

Spanish: Marcela                                                                                                                                                                                                        This past month students completed their clothing unit and practiced conjugating the verbs “llevar puesto” and “ponerse,” which mean “to wear” and “to put on.” We played “Tengo, tengo” and tried to guess what item of clothing was missing. This was a perfect segue into learning about the verb “tener” (to have). Students practiced conjugating the verb and learned about other uses of tener like “yo tengo miedo,” which translates to “I am scared.” Students played games such as “corazones” (hearts) and Headbanz to practice the many uses of “tener.” We also talked about the phrases used to make comparisons along with this unit.  Students also started their writing project for this quarter called “Mi autobiografía,” which describes their family, activities that they like to do or activities that they have to do, using “tener que.” Their work will be on display in our Spanish classroom. 

Art: Nicole
This month we learned about the art movement Surrealism and created surreal houses using the elements and Principles of art, balance, line, asymmetry, and direction. The Fifth and Sixth Graders made Surreal collages on Experience Endeavour day. Our next big project is to create some of the background for the Renaissance and Endeavour Musical on May 5th! 

Music and Drama: Randal
Happy Spring!  In music we have been learning about chordal music theory through the keyboard as well as learning songs on the instrument.  Recently, we've also been using class time to prepare for the upcoming Coffee House (this coming Tuesday evening the 28th at 5:30 at the Endeavour multi-purpose room).  We'll hear some singers, guitar players, see some skits, a magic show and a rock band.  Come on by!  We're also happy to announce that the West African drumming and dance ensemble Jeh Kulu will be coming to an International Dinner for all students on April 7th at the Endeavour multi-purpose room (dinner is pot-luck and starts at 5:30pm).  The last thing we've been preparing for is our Spring Musical.  Many of our Endeavour students will be designing lights and sound and working behind the scenes as well as acting and singing in our show.  It's a musical written by the combined schools entitled "Our Wild Journey Around The Planet."  It will go up May 5th at 6:30pm at the Williston Central School.  More details to follow.  We've planted great roots for a promising spring!

Writing Course: Cara
This past month we shifted gears, moving from writing in class from prompts from the YWP to a writer’s group where writers write outside of class, using assigned prompts, and get feedback in class.  This model has been much more successful.  Student writing is of a better quality, as is the discourse in class.  We hope to share some of the student writing in upcoming newsletters!