General Math 6: Jen
Grade Six Math has been a blast this month. Students have shown an amazing growth of understanding in dealing with decimals and fractions. We have worked on how to convert these numbers, as well as apply them to real world problems. The content was built on prior understanding of these numbers and other concepts such as perimeter and area. I couldn’t be more proud of the progress that my students are making this year. On one particular occasion, in class, we had the opportunity to work on fractional operations by visiting stations around the room. Each student had to show their work and be approved before moving onto the next station. It was a great way to take what we were learning and build movement into the process.

Students learned about the relationship between perimeter and area, area versus volume, and the mathematical application of linear, scalar, and cubic dimensionality.  The students had fun, while applying new mathematical skills, every Thursday in February, playing BINGO, BlockBusters, and going on school-wide scavenger hunts.  Students studied the Pythagoreans, including the tetractys and the invention of the concept of “ten.”  We applied the Pythagorean theorem to right triangles and spent a chunk of time problem-solving for area of irregularly shaped figures.

Algebra: Jen
Students have recently finished up a unit on functions and relations. Students worked with groups of coordinates to determine whether they fit the criteria for functions. For example, does it pass the vertical line test to show that only one point hits the line in every place?  We used information about formulas to create functions from x and y numbers, and primarily dealt with linear equations. This is a step in the path to learn about graphing and solving linear equations which will be coming up next month. Exciting times in Algebra!