Students have been enjoying their community while building the abutments and decks for their bridges, which they will enter in the VTC bridge building competition in April.  The students chose to listen to 80’s music and design, build, test, and improve!  Students also explored how to build jigs to fabricate custom supportive structural elements to expand the idea of shape of the ordinary popsicle stick.  Students improvised a drying station, utilizing a donated hair dryer and physics clamps.  Leave it up to our inquisitive students to test the bonding strength of Elmer’s glue on palms!

STEAM B students have spent the entire month of February building their bridges for the upcoming VTC bridge building contest. They have diligently researched form and function of bridges to determine which have the best outcomes possible for their build. In addition, they have measured and weighed popsicle sticks and toothpicks in order to determine an estimate of how many of those items they can use in the project without going over the maximum weight of their bridge. Students have found many trials and successes with their builds so far from learning that there can only be two total abutments, when they were hoping for four to realizing that they were able to use far less popsicle sticks and make a region of the bridge equally strong without being too heavy. I can’t wait to see our bridges get tested in April at the actual contest.  Hopefully, our bridges will remain intact longer than our competitors’!