General Math 6: Jen

Students in general math have developed a great understanding of working with positive and negative numbers on a number line. In addition, we have explored absolute value and distances between numbers, as well as the concepts of greater than and less than. It has been a month of steady growth for students working with rational numbers. We are pleased with their progress and look forward to the next part of this unit working with coordinate planes.


Differentiated Algebra: Paul

Students in Differentiated Algebra have had a unique opportunity to explore math in a way and pace that works for them. Each student was recently given an Algebra readiness diagnostic in order to determine which skills were in need of foundational building. Each student was then given a “prescription” of concepts and assignments that will help to bridge the gap between where we were and where we are going. The goal is for all students to have a solid understanding of pre-algebraic and algebraic concepts by the end of the year.