Life Science: Jen

Students in Life Science have had the opportunity to explore the world of Genetics through their own traits, their family traits and how traits in general are passed down. Students learned about Punnett Squares, family pedigrees, x-linked traits, and dominant and recessive traits. Each student had to determine a family pedigree on a particular trait passed through three generations of a family, their own or someone else’s. Students learned how traits can skip generations or be carried by female family members, and not actually show up in the person until she passes them to a male child. It is exciting concepts to learn. As a look ahead, students are taking what they have learned about genetics and applying it to the theories of natural selection and evolution.


Physical Science: Paul

Students were engaged in the study of electricity and the processes involved in the generation and transmission.  The class practiced building simple and parallel circuits using different battery types to light small bulbs.  Students were part of an interactive workshop presented by the Vermont Energy Education Program, which was focused on the process of electricity generation, renewable sources/technologies, and energy efficiency methods and conservation practices.  Each class member completed a research project focused on a specific method electricity production, the advantages, and potential environmental impacts.


Earth & Space Science: Paul

The initial focus of study was on lunar cycles and the solar system.  Students did research and gathered data to compare the physical properties of other planets to the earth.  We did modeling exercises to demonstrate the relative distances of various planets in the solar system from each other and the sun.  From our study of the solar system we shifted to looking at weather patterns on Earth, and the various factors that influence changes in weather and affect the overall climate.


STEAM A & B: Paul and Jen

Students in STEAM have spent the last month putting all the finishing touches on their bridge building designs. Many popsicle sticks, feet of dental floss and gobs of glue later and we had finished products ready to break. We traveled to Vermont Technical College to destroy our bridges and watch many others get destroyed as well. It was an exciting day full of learning and fun. Please check out the “broken” bridges on the table near the entrance and see which ones were able to survive the hydraulic press.