World Languages, Arts and Electives

LA: John

Language Arts students have been hard at work reading and discussing the content, style, and themes in John Steinbeck’s dynamic novel, Of Mice and Men. The students developed a solid background knowledge of social structure in California during the Great Depression in preparation for reading, and they have had the opportunity to connect events in the novel to what they know about society in the 1930s. Students have been making predictions, analyzing possible themes and symbolism, and making note of unfamiliar or obsolete vocabulary as they read.


French 1A: Caroline

During April, French I focused on Chapter 5, a chapter devoted to food and restaurants.  Students practiced ordering food and using the irregular verb aller.  If they find themselves in a French restaurant over break, perhaps they will practice these skills!


French 1B: Caroline

French IB is working their way through Chapter 12, a chapter that explores daily routines, with an emphasis on reflexive verbs.  Be sure to ask your child to explain his or her routine in French!


Spanish: Marcela

We kicked off April with a scavenger hunt of soccer vocabulary and read an article in Spanish about “La Copa Mundial” (The World Cup). We also learned about conjugating stem changing verbs “from e to ie” and “from o to ue.” Students also got to design a poster that communicated the meaning of common question words in Spanish. They each brainstormed three questions and chose one for their poster. The posters will be on display in our Spanish classroom. Looking ahead, students will get to ask each other questions during “la silla caliente”(the hot seat) activity.


Art: Nicole

The past month we worked on the final details for the Rainforest background and painted the Savannah background scene for the musical on May 5th! We reviewed one point perspective and created complex shapes, block names or a top city view using one point perspective. Some of the vocabulary we learned include: horizon line, vanishing point, vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, and orthogonal lines. Next we will study some of Rome’s architecture and make large drawings.


Music and Drama: Randal

April has been a wonderful month in music and drama.  We ended last month with a successful coffee house and started this one with an enlivening International Dinner featuring West-African drumming and dancing ensemble Jeh Kulu.  Endeavour students have been hard at work preparing for our upcoming original musical Our Wild Journey Around The Planet, which will take place at Williston Central School's Auditorium on Friday, May 5th at 6:30pm.  We have five brave Endeavour souls joining their Renaissance friends onstage and the rest of our school helping with stage management, sets, backstage tech, and lighting of the show.  In addition to our ongoing class exercises and games, students have put great work into learning lines, becoming characters, designing lighting plots and working out the logistics of our show. We hope everyone comes out to see their fine work!


Writing Course: Cara

Writing Course has had some interruptions due to trips and projects, and we are progressing nicely!  Endeavour students have finished a vacation narrative that developed concrete imagery and sensory detail, and they have begun a character sketch in which they hope convey personality through description.  Students are required to reflect on the process of writing, comparing drafts and narrative decisions.  Grades for writing projects will be posted in ThinkWave.