Endeavour Middle School

Outstanding Academic Programs that Emphasize Social, Emotional, and Life Skills Development

6th-8th Grade, located at Shelburne Commons

The Endeavour Middle School fosters student growth on all levels: intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical. The Endeavour faculty have designed a differentiated curriculum that allows teachers to meet the particular academic and learning needs of each student. With a focus on foundational skills that help children establish a body of knowledge across the curriculum, as well as offering hands-on, creative projects, the Endeavour curriculum engages adolescents, encourages community connections, and nurtures lifelong learners.

Why a Stand-Alone Middle School?

There's much to be said for a stand-alone middle school. Students are able to personally develop their skills and navigate the identity issues of adolescence among a group of peers, without the influence of high school culture. At Endeavour Middle School, we embrace technology, but our focus is on community and developing social and emotional skills. Students shore up organizational strategies, preparing them for success in high school.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable Faculty

The credentials of the faculty at Endeavour Middle School are impressive—all teachers hold postgraduate degrees in their discipline, and most are licensed in Vermont. Beyond their degrees, the teaching staff understands that students who feel socially and emotionally at ease are more engaged learners. As a result, their classrooms are both academically engaging and personally nurturing.

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Outstanding and Engaging Academics

Endeavour Middle School delivers an outstanding curriculum that meets and surpasses the national standards, spirals skill development with hands-on learning opportunities, and connects students with the broader community. As students The faculty provides a personalized learning assessment for families to track their student's successes and growth areas.

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