The Journey of Endeavour:  Academic Excellence, the Spirit of Discovery, and Compassion for Others

6th-8th Grade, located at Shelburne Commons

The Endeavour Middle School experience provides students with the academic, social, emotional, and organizational tools to be successful in high school.  Students benefit from a rich spectrum of academic and nonacademic curriculum, weekly opportunities to learn from and serve the larger community, and an advisory program that fosters relationships and tackles the complicated issues facing teens today.  With a commitment to academic excellence and nurturing all aspects of student development, Endeavor’s highly credentialed, experienced and talented faculty provides an unparalleled experience that is designed to specifically meet the unique needs of middle school students.

We are so thrilled with every aspect of Endeavour, small class time, structured but stress-free schedule, supportive faculty and interaction with the community, the list goes on…
— Endeavour Parent

Endeavour students immerse themselves in:

  • A place of academic exploration and personal growth, with a special focus on the sciences and mathematics, as well as writing and the humanities
  • Outdoor activities and a commitment to sustainability
  • An opportunity to create and pursue interests, gifts, and projects
  • A center for athletic and social activities
  • A place for students to learn the importance of inclusion and collaboration
  • An environment to participate in conversations and activities inside and outside of class, free from the challenges of a high school culture

Core Academic Courses:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • World Language (French or Spanish)
  • Art
  • Music and rama
  • Health
  • Life Skills/ Computer Skills

Examples of Electives:

  • Nature Writing
  • Band
  • Heartworks mentoring

The building at Shelburne Commons is particularly well-suited to the needs of middle-school students. There are a number of separate spaces students can call their own that nurture their growing need for independence and learning how to set appropriate boundaries. These spaces include a library, a computer lab (each student receives a Chromebook and school email address in the fall), a student lounge, and “the Crow’s Nest” study room situated at the top floor of our building with a view across the Shelburne Commons green space.
Endeavour students benefit from this unique environment as they not only master their studies, but also work to establish their unique identities. The Endeavour campus and curriculum helps students develop confidence as students, citizenship in their broader community, and self-esteem during a particularly challenging developmental period.
Endeavour students and teachers work together to create a truly remarkable and unique school and community. Students can expect that new academic and personal discoveries will be made and lasting friendships will be formed. Parents can rest assured that their middle school student’s mind, body, and spirit will be developed to prepare them for a successful transition to high school and beyond. At Endeavour, you can be confident that your children will learn much and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the history and namesakes of the Endeavour Middle school, please read on!

Enrollment Materials:

We look forward to welcoming your child into Endeavour Middle School.  Please feel free to call Cara Simone at 802-951-1831 or email her at and she will help you schedule your tour.  To apply, please click the link below.

Our four children have all grown up and thrived at Heartworks, Renaissance, and now the Endeavour Middle Schools. Through excellent teachers, innovative and differentiated curriculum, and through hands-on experience with the arts, music, theatre, and service to the environment and their community, their natural curiosity has blossomed into a love for learning that will serve them throughout their lives. And the school’s core values of kindness and respect mean they will emerge as more than just good scholars; they will be good people who work hard to make this world a better place.
— P. Burton-Macauley, parent of a PreK, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grader