Parent Testimonials

Endeavor is a school that really cares about the kids. They are responsive to parent feedback. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and care about the students. Students are engaged in active and hands on learning. We are glad that we found this school.
— Endeavor Parent

Student Testimonials

We asked our students what they would say about Endeavour if a prospective students  asked them why they should come here for school. We got a long list of enthusiastic responses. Here are some highlights from what they said about our learning environment: 

I love the teachers. They make learning fun.
— Walker, 6th Grader
The community is open and friendly. I felt accepted as soon as I got here.
— Emily, 8th Grader
Math is so fun here because the teacher is so enthusiastic and the hands-on projects are very cool.
— Jack, 7th Grader
The teachers engage everyone.
— Jackson, 8th Grader
I really like the small class sizes and the individualized attention. And I love outreach because it gives us a chance to get out into the community.
— Catie, 7th Grader
I like having longer lunch and recess.
— Hannah, 8th Grader
I like the outreach because it’s fun going to Wake Robin and talking to the residents.
— Sabina, 6th Grader